All the Best Reactions to the #Snootchallenge

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"Stick your nose where it doesn't belong? Nah, never heard of him"

We know that cats are instinctually drawn to circles. Now it appears we can say the same about dogs.


That's the big takeaway from the #snootchallenge, a viral hashtag currently blazing a path across the social web.

Video of the Day

While we were unable to identity patient zero, the trend hooked Twitter with a simple but sticky premise: Pet owners coaxing their woofers to them by cupping their hands in the shape of a circle.

And most pups couldn't resist taking the bait, eagerly poking their fuzzy little proboscises through the openings.

See? That's some gold star-level of adorbs right there.


From big boofs to petite pups, no dogs, young or old, were immune.

"Gunner was all about the #snootchallenge 😜," shared this woman.

"He loves giving kisses so this wasn't difficult at all," added another.

"My #snootchallenge the @NYRangers way! #NYRPupOnAPath 🐾," wrote a third.

And when some pups were openly skeptical, enterprising humans were quick to incentive their participation with bribes.

Even squishy, flat-faced pups without, well, snoots, were enthusiastic participants.

For our money, this Westie teased into a pillow in the shape of a glazed donut claimed the trophy for best in show.

That little look he shoots his human tho 😂 😂 😂

But with the challenge spawning a multitude of aww-inducing clips, each putting their own, well, spin on the phenomenon, the real winners were cute spotters everywhere.



Check out some of our other favorites below!

"We may be late to the party, but the #SnootChallenge is so darn cute!"


"My sweet dog did not understand the #snootchallenge. He just thought we needed a hug."

"Challenge accepted!"

"K9 Diablo and K9 Vando with the #snootchallenge."

"I'm enjoying this #snootchallenge a little too much! Here's another attempt at it!!👌👁"

"Nope, human is too small. No can do #snootchallenge "

Hard same, Aaron, hard same.

I'm enjoying this #snootchallenge a little too much! Here's another attempt at it!!👌👁

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