A Definitive Ranking Of All The Times "Avengers" Star Chris Evans Was The Internet's Favorite Dog Dad

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It's shouldn't be a surprise that beloved actor Chris Evans, perhaps better known as Captain America, is a proud and loving dog dad.

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Chris keeps a surprisingly low profile on social media compared to his peers—he has no Facebook or Instagram, and goes weeks or even months between tweets. When he does post, it tends to fall into one of four categories: Current events, behind-the-scenes movie stuff, sports, and, most importantly, news about his adopted pup, an adorable scamp he's dubbed Dodger.

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Though all of his updates tend to drive headlines in the entertainment press, it's the doggo content that stirs the most engagement on the social web.

Here's the definitive ranking of all the times Chris Evans broke the internet with dog-centric tweets.

11. The time he hilariously trolled his fellow A-List Chris and MCU costar, Chris Pratt (who plays Star-Lord in the "Guardians Of The Galaxy" franchise), on his birthday.

"Happy birthday @prattprattpratt .... We hope you’re getting showered with affection today."

Rude, but 24,000+ retweets can't be wrong, can they?


10. The time he encouraged Dodger to pursue his artistic dreams (press play to watch and unmute for full effect).

Just like any good parent would, amirite or amirite?

9. The time he wished everyone a Happy Valentine's Day with this slobbery selfie.

"Happy Valentine's Day everyone! From me and this desperate social climber."

My kingdom for a painting of this moment only rendered in a classical and Renaissance-like fash. (Make it happen, MCU stans.)


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8. The time Dodger said "that's enough screen time for you today."

"'Could I interest u in chasing squirrels with me outside? I have no plans today'"

I wish my cat would .... wait for it .... shield me from the perils of too much computering (sorry, not sorry!!!).


7. The time Dodger "joined" his dad in a hashtag challenge designed to raise awareness for soldiers recovering from PTSD.

Watch it in full:

Those squeeing sounds you just heard? OVARIES. EXPL💣DING. EVERYWHERE.


6. The time Evans installed an image of Dodger cuddling with a stuffed plushie as his header image on Twitter.

Movie stars: They're just like us. #relatableaf

Also: The plushie ~might~ be the lion glimpsed in this lol-worthy clip.

BREAKING PUPDATE: Further research confirms that it is most definitely the lion.

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5. The time he returned home from an extended on-set absence and was promptly pancaked.

"I would do the same thing even though I haven't seen Chris Evans in person before." 😂 😂 😂

4. The time he literally couldn't even deal with Dodger's unbearable cuteness.

If anyone needs me, I'll be sizing up a coffin for my heart.

3. The time he broke hearts by shaving his beard in preparation for the as-yet untitled Avengers 4.

People were shook.


2. The time he waxed poetically about Dodger's chill and welcoming temperament.


1. And finally, the time he shared video of their very first meeting.

Brace yourself because 😭 😭 😭 are coming.

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