27 Cats Fighting With Strange Objects

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A cat is a noble warrior that can battle many, many different things.

1. Cat versus reflection

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Finally, a worthy opponent!


2. Kitten versus a cat statue

The statue never had a chance.


3. Cat versus sink

The sink is winning.


4. Kitten versus dog's tail

5. Cat versus extremely clever chipmunk

6. Cat versus chair

7. Kitten versus a potato

8. Um ... Here is another kitten versus a potato

Is this a thing?


9. Ok, this is a thing.

Kittens hate potatoes apparently. Who knew?!


10. Kitten versus optical illusions

11. Cat versus very scary Roomba

12. Cat versus measuring tape

13. Cat versus mail

14. Cat versus excessive paper work

15. Kitten versus very formidable ant

16. Kitten versus baby

They seem to be equally skilled. This will be a good match!


17. Cat versus the claw from a claw machine

I have many questions.


18. Cat versus the commercialization of Christmas

Good point, cat!


19. Cat versus toy mouse

There's a reason it's a classic!

20. Cat versus claw grabby thing

Interesting strategy, cat.

21. Kitten versus bubble gum


22. Cat versus PDA

23. Cat versus annoying little helicopter

The new Godzilla looks lit!

24. Cat versus grandpa

25. Cat versus a whole watermelon

My cat can fight a whole watermelon!

26. Cat versus mysterious blanket monster

He's powering up his bite!

27. Kitten versus a trio of green apples

They're almost like potatoes ...


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