19 Super Wholesome Dogs Being Super Wholesome

There are more good boys and girls in here than you can shake a stick at. No, don't shake a stick! They'll all run after it!

1. Ring bearer? No, ring dogger.

Dog carrying basket with wedding rings down the aisle.
credit: Reddit

2. Sleepy little cloud!

3. A warm (and cuddly) welcome.

Two dogs cuddling.
credit: Reddit

4. Too! Much! Excite!

5. "Why doesn't my new robot friend want to play?"

Dog trying to get roomba to play.
credit: Reddit

6. When mom says you have to babysit your little brother.

7. "Where cat go?"

8. Hello, little buddy.

9. This dog is the canine equivalent of a Disney princess.

10. Pupper's in jail for stealin' your girl.

Puppy in kennel winking at camera.
credit: Reddit

11. Is this what they mean by animal magnetism?

12. Squad goals.

Two dogs at a dog daycare.
credit: Twitter

13. Some things never get old.

14. Be aware.

A doormat that says "Just so you know, there's like a lot of dogs in here" in front of open door with dogs inside
credit: Twitter

15. Incoming!

16. "Good morning, sunshine."

Dog lying on trampoline.
credit: Reddit

17. Summer vibes.

18. "Fren, your nose is much cold!"

Dog touching its nose to the nose of a dog statue.
credit: Tumblr

18. When the humans have been hogging your bed all night and you finally get some room to spread out.

Dog taking up most of a bed.
credit: Reddit