19 Super Wholesome Dogs Being Super Wholesome

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There are more good boys and girls in here than you can shake a stick at. No, don't shake a stick! They'll all run after it!

1. "I trained my pupper to carry our wedding rings, unassisted at a walking pace. She crushed it."

Ring bearer? No, ring dogger.


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2. Sleepy little cloud!

3. "So I think the ol' girl is warming up to her new little brother."

Nothing like a warm (and cuddly) welcome.


4. Too! Much! Excite!

5. "My dog spent 15 minutes this morning trying to get the Roomba to play with his stuffed squeaky shrimp."

"Why doesn't my new robot friend want to play?"



6. When mom says you have to babysit your little brother.

7. "Where cat go?"

8. Hello, little buddy.

9. This dog is the canine equivalent of a Disney princess.

10. Pupper's in jail for stealin' your girl.

11. Is this what they mean by animal magnetism?

12. "Ma dog has been assigned to play with a puppy at his doggy school and they’ve actual became best pals 😭"

This is what squad goals looks like.



13. Some things never get old.

14. Be aware.

15. Incoming!

16. "Good morning, sunshine."

17. Summer vibes.

18. "Fren, your nose is much cold!"

19. When the humans have been hogging your bed all night and you finally get some room to spread out.

"As soon as my wife gets up for a shower, this good boy takes advantage. 🤣"


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