19 Bunny Memes and Photos That Will Warm Your Heart

There are a lot of ways to make rabbits sound cute. You can call them bunnies, or buns, or bunsies, or hoppos or hamster cats — we could go on, but the point is that rabbits don't need a cute name because they're already adorable.

1. With the power of teamwork, anything is possible.

Rabbit standing on other rabbit's head.
credit: Reddit

2. She didn't even have to study.

Fluffy rabbit undergoes "fluff test."
credit: Instagram

3. "I'll get you clean if it's the last thing I do."

4. "For me?"

Rabbit next to a bouquet of flowers.
credit: Reddit

5. When you're the only friend with a driver's license, and everybody hits you up for rides.

Five rabbits piled into a small radio flyer wagon.
credit: Reddit

6. "I'll do it, but I won't be happy about it."

Grumpy rabbit eating leaf.
credit: Facebook

7. "Yup, this seems like a good spot."

8. A rare glimpse of the wild flying bun in its natural habitat.

Rabbit mid-jump.
credit: Reddit

9. "Human! I require pets!"

10. Oops?

Rabbit with the caption "I went to the store to buy a fish... meet Fish."
credit: Imgur

11. Most folks have cable TV now, but some people still use good old-fashioned rabbit ears.

Alert rabbit with one ear up.
credit: Reddit

12. To avoid injury, make sure you bunny stretch before you bunny hop.

13. A classic logic puzzle.

Rabbit begging for a banana.
credit: Memegen

14. Three, two, one, nap!

15. Shhh.

Rabbit licking other rabbit.
credit: Tumblr

16. Is someone feeling a little shy?

17. You might be cool, but will you never be as cool as this rabbit wearing sunglasses?

Rabbit wearing sunglasses.
credit: Reddit

18. Just freshening up a little.

19. Boop!

Rabbit looking directly into camera.
credit: Reddit