16 Pets Who Are Stoked to be Heading Back to School

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All of these animals are teacher's pets. Some of them are the goody-goody two shoes nerdy kind, and others are literally just pets that belong to teachers. Either way: adorable.

1. "Henlo fren! Am pupper ready to do a learn!"

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2. Did you remember to bring a freshly sharpened pencil?

3. "Teacher! Over here! I know it!"

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4. It's OK if you're feeling a little shy on your first day.

5. Two laptops seems like overkill, but maybe she's just that paranoid about data loss.

6. This isn't distracting at all.

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7. What's all this gossip about there being a new, super handsome professor on campus?

8. When you're a freshman who accidentally gets put in a level 200 class.

9. "Excuse me, some of us are trying to get an education."

10. "I packed my lunch! Let's go!"

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11. Rumor has it that this professor is super boring, so bring coffee.

12. "Hey, everybody, look! I'm the teacher now. Blah blah blah math, am I right?"

13. She's reading ahead in the book. What a nerd.

14. Have you ever liked a class so much that you wanted to sit in front of the front row?

15. "Welcome to Introduction to Archaeology."

16. Dude, seriously, school isn't even open yet.

17. Got all the essentials!