Academic’s Cat Does The Most Hilarious Thing During His Television Interview

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Watching the news can feel like eating your vegetables or taking your vitamins. You know it's good for you and you genuinely want the results of it (you know, being generally informed about what's going on in the world around you), but it can feel like a chore in the moment. Meet the cat who took it upon himself to be the spoonful of sugar to help your news-watching go down.

During an interview with Dutch news show Nieuwsuurm, Polish academic Jerzy Targalski was explaining something important: the controversial forced removal of Poland's top Supreme Court judge. That's about as real as real news gets. Not interested in Poland's Supreme Court drama? Maybe not, but you're definitely going to be interested Targalski's cat, Lisio, who climbed on his owners head mid-interview and stole. The. Show.

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Almost as impressive as Lisio's decision to scale his human during a televised interview is Targalski's incredible chill throughout the whole thing. He handles it with the calm of a man who doesn't have a live animal climbing on his scalp while he tries to explain important political issues.


It's magic:

Lisio, you are an international treasure. Well done, sir. Watch the full video in the Tweet below!