Just 25 Dogs On Planes

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Who says air travel has to be so ruff when these fly bois could be seated next to you?

1. "The plane gods have spoken and this is my seat mate."

2. "The downside is my boyfriend and I are about to sit on a plane for almost seven hours. The good news is we’re lucky enough to be seated next to sweet baby Orly!"


4. "It was Otis’s first time on an airplane today going to his forever home. [I] stopped working for 20 minutes to pet him because he was scared. 15/10 would quit my job for him 😍😍"

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Video of the Day

Video of the Day

5. "Best. Inflight. Entertainment. Ever."

6. "Was on a plane for 3 hours and this little guy pops his head out from bag of person sitting next to me. Had no idea he was under the seat the whole time."

7. "I was grumpy about a 6am flight until I discovered I got to sit next to this equally sleepy guy. His mom said he is not a morning person either. 😴"

8. "Normally, the clouds are outside the plane."

9. "Sat next to the teeniest weenie on a plane a few weeks ago. His name is Jupiter and he did not like being a suitcase" 😂 😂 😂

10. "A plane doggo but not a plain doggo."

11. "Here's something you don't see every day: An airplane doggo in a Santa hat eating salad."

12. "Spotted dog spotting me on airplane."

13. "I love that her expression is the exact same with and without the mask."

14. "That collar tho..."

15. "Met this woofer on a plane to Ohio. He only boofed once."

16. "Floof on a Plane! Ps: She was a fur-st time flyer!"

17. "This is Sable, she’s 10 weeks old and such a sweet girl! Best plane ride I’ve ever had❤️😭 and YES I got to hold her😍❤️"

18. "On the plane from Madrid > Ibiza. Ready to party..."

19. "I'm the world's most nervous flier but thank goodness for the dude next to me who had his kickass pitty/terrier mix on the flight! She kept putting her head in my lap so I could pet her and she laid on my feet the whole way! Much more calming than sleeping pills."

20. "Pupper on a plane, doin a peek out the window but the sun was too bright for his lil eyes."

21. "There was an angel on the plane."

22. "+1 dog took all your points to convert into miles."

23. "The best type of carry on."

24. "Duffy, age 7, and her person were exemplary airplane neighbors"

25. "My Dad saw this big boi flying on his flight to Arizona, one XL seat for one XL good boy"

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