18 Shelter Dogs Who Got Fabulous Makeovers

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These dogs got life-changing makeovers, and now they're in their forever homes, where their humans will give them all the love (and grooming) they need.

1. Harry is relieved to be his big floofy self again.

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2. Sadie just needed a trim and some cuddles to bring out the happy pupper within.

3. Jamie looks like a million bucks now that he's out from under all that hair.

4. After a rough start to life, Sunny is finally able to live up to his name.

5. Look at that smile!

6. What a handsome fella.

7. Remus is very happy to have his luxurious locks restored.

8. Pluto looks much happier since being adopted, but also still kind of judgmental?

9. Turns out the dog you thought you adopted was actually a teddy bear. Sorry?

10. Oliver went from a shelter dog to a supermodel in less than a year.

11. Oscar looks very dapper now that he's been rescued.

12. What a difference a bath makes!

13. Wesley looks like a completely different dog since he was adopted a few years ago.

14. Charlie just radiates doggy confidence now, doesn't he?

15. This pup stayed positive despite her circumstances, and look at her now!

16. So fresh, so fly.

17. What a joy to have a house to track mud into.

18. Oh, look! Eyes!


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