15 Things All Corgi Lovers Know

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Dogs are collectively great. Obviously, we can all agree on that. But, under the grand umbrella of "dog," there are so many amazing breeds with their own unique, individual quirks. One of the most amazing, most unique, and ​most​ quirky? The Corgi. Here are 15 things all Corgi lovers know.


1. Their butts are the fluffiest and the best.

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2. Their butts are even cuter when they're in motion.

3. They are the Queen's favorite dog breed, making them puppy royalty.

4. They are also the kings and queens of frapping (aka "frantic random acts of play").

5. They will freak out in the best way if you give them the chance to play in the snow.

6. No, they'll never grow into their legs. And yeah, that's a plus.

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7. But they are SURPRISINGLY fast on those stubby little legs.

8. They will also never grow into their ears. Also a plus.

9. They are simultaneously the weirdest and cutest sleepers in the world.

See, proof.

10. And they can sleep through anything.

11. But like, really—anything.

12. They have seemingly bottomless appetites.

13. And it's hard to keep them from getting a little jiggly.

14. Their head-tilts are top notch.

15. If you own one Corgi, you're going to want to own more. You've been warned.