21 Amazing Cats Who Are Making Fetch Happen

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Because you can't spell 'Feline Overlords' without LOL

"STAY IN YOUR LANE" -- dogs after watching these mind-blowing videos, probably


1. "Cats that fetch: Not just another crazy harebrained pipe dream."

Video of the Day

2. “Acting like a dog again. Can't help myself!!!"

3. "Little Cooper is OBSESSED with hair ties."


5. "I feel like I own a jungle panther."

6. "You have a CAT RETRIEVER? I want one."

7. "Remy is a new member of the #catsthatfetch club 🙌🐱"

We lub you, Remy.


Video of the Day

8. "Take notes, everyone, because class is officially in session." -- this cat

9. "Day 2 of fetch. She went and found her mouse and dropped it right beside me bright and early this morning."

10. "She's got the fetching down pat, it's the returning we need to work on 🤷"

11. "When the dog sleeps, fetch responsibilities are delegated to her deputy."

12. "Today it's pinecones, tomorrow my slippers!" [mad genius rubs hands together in satisfaction]

13. "I'm not sure who's having more fun."

14. "Inside every kitty is an Assistant to the Branch Manager waiting to get out."

15. " I’m pretty sure he’s at least part dog."

Let's just take a moment to marvel at this again:

16. "My bad I thought this was dogspotting society..."

17. "Put cat in a bag of rice overnight. Should restart fine." #fetchfail

18. "Because the only thing better than one fetching cat is two!"

19. "Oh lawd he fetchin"

20. "Only a kitten but already fetching at a 12th grade level"

21. "Such a vulgar display" - the dogs, probably"


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