22 Cute Snakes Sssssssslithering Straight Into Your Heart

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Danger noodles get a bad rap in the popular imagination, but like art, ​cootness​ is all in the eye of the beholder.


1. "tfw you are small but still trying your hardest"

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2. "Tiny snakes need tiny hats. You're. Welcome."

3. "Can I come out to play now?"

4. “What’s it like to have a pet snake?”

5. "He's too effing adorable for words while he's in my bra."

6. "Hello darksnek my old fren"

7. "I am my own blankie"

8. "Just a large rope doin a scope"

9. "That is easily the most adorable hair tie in all of existence."

10. "When u walk past my classroom and smile through the window"

11. "Fancy noodle puttin' on the Ritz"

12. "Sssssssliding into your DMs like"

13. "Feeling cute, might delete"

14. "Cute but literally deadly"

15. “Whoa this tree is shaky, but also warm so I stay”

16. "Looks like your python script is stuck in a loop." 😂 😂 😂

17. Them: "You've all heard of nope ropes and danger noodles, but have you heard of fear spheres???"


Video of the Day

Me: "No, but I've heard of a cuddle plop."

18. "Cute little Blep from the General Snekobi"

19. "Have you ever seen such a perfect snooter?"

20. "Henlo fren. Cud u spare a rat for moi?"

21. "Tree boopin"

22. "An illustrated guide to snek terminology on the internets c. 2018"