25 Cats Who Are Even Cuter When They're Smooshed Across Glass Tables

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We've covered cats smooshed across glass tables before. Now, due to popular demand, here are 25 more. Behold kitties both big and small in all their smooshed glory!

"I honestly feel like i need to print these and put them on my wall."

It's early, but we already have a contender for 2019's meme of the year.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1. "This cat has seen unspeakable things"

2. "If anyone needs me, I'll be buying a glass table just so I can lay under it and see my cats looking like this"

3. "How dare you take pictures of my toebeans!?"

4. "So tuck. Much boop. Good whisker."

5. "I have a glass coffee table and NO CATS have ever entertained me in this way."


7. "Objectively true: Practical effects > CGI"

8. "Take us to your leader"

9. "Dance like everybody is watching"

10. "OMG, I thought they were sealed inside until I scrolled down"

11. "Never could understand why the phrase 'bean counters' was used as a pejorative"

12. "Scowlers gonna scowl"

13. "Can someone please photoshop this cat as a ufo?"

14. "When you accidentally open the front-facing camera"

15. "Um, we're stuck. Can you please pull us out?"

16. "13/10 cat lovers agree: These kittehs are presh at any angle"

17. ME: "Hey kitty, where are you from?" CAT: "Paw-Tuck-It"

18. "Glass brings transparency or should I say ... [builds anticipation by slowly tapping fingers] ... transpurrrency?"

19. "Just put those empty boxes down ... [motions with paw] ... over there"

20. "My cat's wondering what the heck I'm doing on the floor under the table"

21. "We know the truth human...We know the red dot is a lie..."

22. "Looks like a grandfather clock with his tail as the ticker"

23. "Hmmmmm I wonder when my slave will be home"

24. "Loaf mode: Engaged"

25. “Hover cat requesting permission to land!”