20 Photos That Prove Black Cats Are Magic

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It's a tiny house panther world and we're just living in it.

1. "My sweet Frodo trying to take my attention away from my book"

Who needs a bookmark when you have a cat?


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

2. “Bear has only started dancing lessons but she's sure to appear on Dancing with the Meows someday!💃”

Color her unimpressed.

3. "It's Rosie's favorite time of year!"

Make way, important cat stuffs to do.


4. "What I Think I Look Like Vs. What I Actually Look Like (House Panther Edition)"

Profile pic vs. tagged pic energy.


5. "Hmm... Kind of hoped working from home would be less distracting"

It's fine we didn't need those notes anyway. #thoseeartuftstho



6. "Big screms are kind of my thing"

For his next trick, he'll make your laptop disappear.


7. "Who can even resist me when I’m being this cute 🙃"



8. "I don’t let other animals near me, so mom made me pose with a stuffed animal"

Twinsies for the winsies


9. "Got an alert that my computer was trying to be hacked last night. This was the photo of who was trying to login."

10. "I offered my cat $1000 in cash to teach me her ancient Egyptian secrets and she turned her head in a snub as if to say, 'what I know cannot be bought ... but you know this already.'"

Silly human, you'll have to try harder than that to crack the black cat code.


11. "Doin me a stretch"

When the limbs are as looooooong as the body.

12. "Name a more iconic duo.... I’ll wait..."

13. Luke: "What's in there?" Yoda: "Only what you take with you."

Boxes, bags, and bowls: the three Bs central to any cat's life.

14. "Midnight in her favorite place, suckling on a soft blanket."

Good luck getting that back.


15. "I was wondering where all the boys had disappeared too."

This doesn't concern you, Mom.

16. "There are many words to describe a cat. 'Discreet' just isn't one of them 😹😹😹"

17. "My handsome Jack 😊"

Business cat means business.

18. "I think they have way more than enough hair ties to play with"

Do you think this is some sort of joke, Karen?


19. "Tag yourself, I'm emo"

Smile like you meme it.

20. "Vamp mode: Activated"

Dang son, there's no need to flash your teeeeeeef, this is a family establishment.