21 Dogs Who Don't Understand Fetch

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Fetch is pretty simple: human throws the thing, dog retrieves the thing, dog gives the thing to human, and repeat. Easy, right?

But these dogs just can't get the hang of it.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1. "It's right there. You get it."

2. "Please throw me the toy I am already holding."

3. Gotta keep those reflexes sharp!

4. "I can't play fetch with these."

5. "You can look but you can't touch"

6. "Too gross? What does that mean?"

7. Everyone learns at a different speed.

8. Still working on the technique.

9. He's never gonna give that back, is he?

10. Fetching the ball would require coming to a complete stop, and that's not happening.

11. Well, at least we're all having fun.

12. "Nobody is allow to take his big stick but you have to be watching him while he plays with it."

It's better with an audience.



13. "Toy? What toy?"

14. "You want it? Come get it."

15. Silly humans think is camera, but is actually toy for doggo.

16. Foul! Interference!

17. Look at this hard-working professional.

18. "He just threw away a perfectly good stick. What the heck, Dan?"

19. What a lovely day we're having.

20. "I earned this ball fair and square."

21. How about a countdown next time?


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