People Are Sharing Pictures Of Dog Grooming Fails And We Can't Stop Laughing

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Everyone suffers the indignity of a bad haircut at least once in their lives. And dogs (cats too!) are no exception. Here then are 20 of the funniest follicle follies.

1. "ok so my dog was way over due for a haircut so finally we took him to a new grooming place to get it done... we said 'he’s needs to be shaved just ENOUGH so he wouldn’t shed as much anymore.' they took the shaving part literally 🙂 YALL I CANT💀🥺"

More hairdon't than hairdo, amirite or amirite?

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2. "Hard same"

3. "I feel you"

4. "Our Golden Collie before and after a trip to the groomer. I said 'trim'. 😩"

5. "Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation..."

6. "My Doogan... they had no clue how to tame his beautiful locks.. (regular Doogan on the right..... wtf Doogan on the left)"

7. "LITERALLY the same thing happened to my aunt's dog! She was livid!"

8. "We've all been there..."

9. "OMG we didn’t even ask for a shave 😐 just said super short in anticipation of the spring/summer...😩"

10. "Happened to us !.. before n after pics ..had to put some threads on him #Tucker"

11. "When you try a new groomer and don’t exactly get what you asked for... Poor Norman."

12. "My Maltese went and came back a Chihuahua"

13. "I feel this pain."

14. "It's like when Oliver Twist gets taken in by that old man and made to look all prim and proper 😞"

15. "He's so cute! Mine looks like he's wearing a thermal onesie 🖤"

16. "Sometimes ya dog gotta be the one to take one for the team"

17. "Bro I had the same sh*t happen to me with my dog 😂😂😂😂"

18. "Your pain is my pain"

19. "My Sheamus was caught in the same situation, here is a before and after the 'just a trim to clean him up' #dog"

20. "Nothing but good experiences from my groomer"