22 More Dogs In Pajamas Who Are Crushing Coziness Goals

When dogs and "paw-jamas" meet, maximum cuteness ensues.

1. "My baby, Ruca Pudge. She’s outgrown her pajamas since we took this photo but she still snuggles with us on the couch every chance she gets"

2. "It's not delivery it's CorGiorno"

3. "I almost fell down a flight of stairs b/c of this pic I’m EMOTIONAL."

4. "Well, we got new jammies in the mail today ...

... and yes, I do mean 'we.'"

There are squad goals and then there are *squad goals*

5. "Ayla rocking her new strawberry pyjamas 🍓"

6. "90% sure these wouldn’t even fit over one paw now, but hey they’re cute"

7. "Charlie got some new pyjamas today! He sold his ears for them 😂"

8. "Feeling cute, but idk, might bark at squirrels in my dreams later"

9. "Hold up, I'm dead" -- my partner after staring at this picture for 2 straight hours

10. "So Luna finally got some pyjamas today... Even though they're just a little too big, I think she loves them. 💘"

11. Just a quick changeup to see if you, the reader, are paying attention

Cat in pjs: It's a Christmas miracle!

12. And now back to our regularly scheduled program.

13. "There's a hole in your theory."

14. "What kind of monster would say no to snuggling with this cutie?"

15. "He gets mad if I try to take them off."

16. "Bed head? Nah, never heard of him."

17. "Add a pipe and he's basically Hugh Hefner in dog form."


19. "Gah, there are no words."

20. "Mondays, amirite or amirite?"

21. "There is no way this dog is real 😍"

22. "Happiness is 🐑🐑🐑 jammies"

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