Do Bearded Dragons Make Good Pets?

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As far as reptiles go, bearded dragons make some of the best pets. They are well-mannered, beautiful creatures with magnificent coloring that are simple to care for, and inexpensive.


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They are known as docile and happy pets that love to hang out with their owners and go for walks either indoors or outdoors while on a leash. If you have children, these are the perfect starter pets because they are low-maintenance and safe around kids. These animals, which are native to Australia, can be purchased in some places for only $50, and go up to $150 for more exotic breeds.


How long do bearded dragons live as pets?

Typically, a bearded dragon will live eight to 10 years if an owner is taking good care of it. If an owner takes excellent care, it could live up to 14 years. Interacting with your bearded dragon, keeping its cage clean and warm, feeding it a healthy diet of crickets, mealworms, sweet potatoes, leafy greens and some fruits and making sure it gets exercise will increase its lifespan.

What do bearded dragons eat?

Bearded dragons are omnivorous, which means they eat both plant and animal material. They should primarily subsist on a diet of insects, like grasshoppers, crickets and mealworms. They can also eat select fruits and vegetables.


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How much space do bearded dragons need?

Baby bearded dragons need a 20-gallon tank, 10-16 inch bearded dragons need at least a 40-gallon tank, 16-20 inch dragons need a 50-75-gallon tank and 20+ inch dragons need a 75 to 120-gallon tank. The bigger the tank adult dragons have, the better, since they need a lot of space to walk around.


What are bearded dragon personalities like?

Bearded dragons are calm, passive and happy animals. If they are seeking out your attention, that means they really love you, because it is not typical for them to do that.

Can you train a bearded dragon?

Bearded dragons are smart creatures and can be trained. Training them is similar to any other animal. All you need is a good treat and to repeat the training over and over until your dragon gets it. Make sure to use the same tone of voice whenever you're repeating commands. You can potty train your bearded dragon, teach it to smile, get it to come to you and tell him to sit on command, just like a dog.


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Bonding with your bearded dragon

Bearded dragons have been pets for a short amount of time when compared to dogs and cats. Therefore, they may not bond with you immediately. When you first get one, make sure you give it space to adjust to its new surroundings, and only handle it for a few minutes at a time. Then, gradually increase the amount of time you cuddle it. When it is behaving well or does a trick for you, give it a treat. Make your bearded dragon feel safe by keeping it away from loud noises or strong smells as well. If you do that, it will trust you and bond with you.


Is it illegal to own a bearded dragon anywhere in the United States?

The only state where it's illegal to own a bearded dragon is Hawaii. This is because the state bans animal, like snakes and lizards which may compete with native populations for habitats and food. If you're traveling to Hawaii, keep your dragon at home.


Bearded dragons make excellent pets, but they take some getting used to. With a lot of love and care, you can make a new best friend in your dragon and ensure it has a long, wonderful life.