19 Cats On Their Way To Steal Your Laptop

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Good luck getting any computering done when these kittos are ... [​cat flops onto keyboard​] ... aro-oooo;LAKJD;FLKAJS;DOIUVPQOWEJKNR;.LANM-und.

1. "My husband sent me this, saying that our cat refuses to move, so his ear is now an enter key"

2. "Decreased paw-ductivity? I wouldn't know anything about that."

3. "She helps me compose my chat replies."

4. "He learned it from his older brother."

5. "Because you can't spell 'feline overlords' without LO-freaking-L"

6. "If not for sits... why is it made of warm?"

7. "He opened 38 tabs at once on my Chromebook"

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8. "CONFESSION: All my quality takes actually come from this guy"

9. "You probably just dropped a
somewhere in the code. Move over and I'll help you fix it."

10. "Cat physics is 100% accurate*"

11. "I put him in charge of responding to any emails older than 3 days."

12. "Give this exchange a medal already."

13. "Your pain is my pain"

14. "Rotated my screen 90 degrees, took a three key combo #Caturday"

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15. "No, no, it's fine, I didn't need those keys anyways."

16. "Imagine taking an online quiz and explaining to your professor that a question was accidentally answered by your cat."

17. "All of your passwords belong to me meow"

18. "When I said that the two of you should huddle together to map out our social strategy for the upcoming month, this is not what I had in mind"

19. "Work at home, they said. You’ll get so much more done, they said."

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