16 Cats Reacting to Baths

We all know the stereotype of cats hating water, and there's a reason the stereotype exists. But there are also a few cats who break the mold. Let's give them a round of applause for stepping out of their comfort zone.

1. "Are you stuck? Should I call for help?"

Cat looking at owner in bath with confusion
credit: Facebook

2. "Great, now I'm melting. Is this what you wanted, human? Is it?"

3. Streeeeetch

Cat stretching in empty bathtub
credit: Tumblr

4. "I don't wish to alarm you, but I think there's something under the water."

5. Dreaming of being a catfish.

Sleeping cat curled up in bathtub
credit: Facebook

6. This is the life.

7. There's no winning.

Cat sitting in empty bathtub
credit: Facebook

8. Maybe... nope, never mind.

9. It's worth it.

Cat laying next to full bathtub with tail in the water.
credit: Imgur

10. "I am tiger! Rawr."

11. "This bath looks pretty nice. If only it didn't have water in it."

Cat dipping paw into baby's bath
credit: Imgur

12. Glitter: the herpes of craft supplies.

13. "What? You watch me bathe myself all the time."

Cat sitting next to a bathtub with its tail in the water.
credit: Facebook

14. "Care to join me? 😉"

Winking cat in a bathtub.
credit: Facebook

15. Keep an eye on the water at all times. You never know when it might come for you.

Cat on its hind legs looking into bathtub
credit: Facebook

16. "Hey, human! Did you use up all the bath bubbles?"

Cat yelling in bath
credit: Facebook