Beagle Dog Breed Facts & Information

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Beagles are kind and curious pups with hearts of gold. These small dogs have big eyes and cute floppy years. They make excellent companion animals, which is why they are some of the most popular hound dogs in the United States. They tend to live a longer life than many other dogs, and will keep a family happy throughout their lifespan.

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The basics

Beagles, which are part of the hound group, are great family dogs that are known for their friendly disposition and determination. They have plenty of energy and can easily be added to any family, since they bond well with children and other dogs. They have a loud bark, which makes them excellent watchdogs.

The history

The beagle is known as an ancient breed. Apparently, they were used to hunt hare and rabbit in England a long time before the Romans landed in 55 B.C. By the time the 1500s rolled around, a majority of English hunters would use packs of beagles, who were the ancestors of the modern Beagle, to track hares.


Beagles were shipped to the United States after the Civil War. Just like the ones in England, they were used as rabbit hunters on American soil. The American Kennel Club registered the first beagle in 1885; his name was Blunder. Today, beagles are the sixth most popular AKC breed.

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The personality

Beagles are very loving, curious and generally well-tempered pups. They are gentle and usually non-aggressive. Since beagles have a history of being in packs, they get along well with other dogs. They are also good with kids and, like most dogs, love to be the center of attention in the home.


Beagles are high energy, so they need time outdoors – at least 30 minutes – every single day. Since they are curious and natural hunters, sometimes they can smell a scent and be determined to follow it. This trait can make it difficult to train them. They also don't aren't great guard dogs because they are friendly to everybody. However, since they have a loud and distinct howl, they are very good watchdogs. If an owner has a beagle, he will know immediately when another person is outside or knocking on the door.

The appearance

Beagles are 13 to 15 inches tall and weigh under 20 pounds or between 20 and 30 pounds depending on their height. They are multicolored, with orange, brown, lemon yellow, white and red markings, and have a short and sleek coat that is easy to groom and maintain. They have floppy ears, a sturdy build, large eyes and a medium-length muzzle with large nostrils.


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Beagle dog breed essential facts

  • Personality: Kind, curious, even-tempered
  • Energy Level: High
  • Trainability: Tough, because they are very determined when they smell a certain scent or are curious about something.
  • Good with Children: Yes.
  • Good with Other Dogs: Yes, because their ancestors are pack animals who worked together with other dogs to hunt hares and rabbits.
  • Shedding: Low. They do shed – especially in the spring – but it is not very noticeable because they have such short hair.
  • Grooming: They should be brushed every week with a medium-bristle brush or a hound glove. They do not require any extra bathing or grooming compared to other dogs.
  • Barking Level: Moderate. They will bark or howl when they hear people coming, or when they are left alone. They may also start baying, which is a half-howl they make when they smell something interesting.
  • Height: Males and females, at the withers: 13 to 15 inches.
  • Weight: Under 20 or between 20 and 30 pounds depending on height
  • Life Expectancy: Between 12 to 15 years.