How to Protect Your Dog's Paws if They Won't Wear Booties

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If your dog's precious little paws need protection from the elements—whether that means the icy coldness of snow or the searing heat of sun-soaked asphalt—a quick Google search will lead you to the most obvious solution: Booties.

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Booties are great—if your dog is willing to wear them. But, what if your dog, for whatever reason, just can't or won't tolerate having layers of fabric velcro-ed to his little feet, no matter how hot or cold it is outside? If your dog is the type to pull off Houdini-level escapes when you try to put him in booties, then this list is for you. Here are five great alternatives to booties for dogs.


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Frisco Traction Control Dog Socks, 4 count | $6-$8

One option if your dog is anti-booties is to try traction control socks. This can be especially useful if your bootie needs are more indoor in nature. Some dogs have adorably furry little feet that slip around on hardwood floors, which can lead pet parents down the bootie path in their attempts to curb the slippage. If that's you and your pup isn't ready to board the bootie train, try Frisco Traction Control Dog Socks, which come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Pup Crew Non-Skid Gray Cable Knit Dog Socks | $4

Another solid option in the traction-aiding sock market are these non-skid cable knit dog socks, which are as adorable as they are functional—and they're crazy affordable, which is another bonus.


Pup Crew Non-Skid Camo Print Dog Socks | $9

If your dog's vibe is more "military commando pup" than "adorable ski vacay pup," have no fear because protecting paws from indoor skid doesn't have to be cutesy. Try these Pup Crew Non-Skid Camo Print Dog Socks.



21st Century Essential Pet Paw Pad Protector Wax for Dogs, 2-oz jar | $9

Okay, you're thinking, but what if my dog needs to head out in the elements, like on snow and ice? Well, in that case, you can try a non-wearable solution to paw protection. There are lots of great wax-based paw pad protectors on the market, like 21st Century Essential Pet Paw Pad Protector Wax for Dogs. Just coat your furbabies paws in this protective wax for coverage he can't simply kick off.


Four Paw Guard with Lanolin, 1.75-oz tin | $7

Finding the right paw pad wax product can be a matter of trial and error, so here's another fantastic option: Four Paw Guard with Lanolin. This one is specifically formulated to protect pups' paws against snow and salt-treated areas, making it perfect for dogs braving harsh winter climates.

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