19 Hilarious Bed Fails That Prove Cats Do What They Want

Those collective screams of frustration you hear? Those are our wallets crying out in protest.

1. "Glad I spent $25 on this new cat bed 👿"

2. "Note to self: Make a cat bed expectation vs reality meme."

Partial credit is due, I guess?

3. "Oh... you bought me a nice comfy cat bed? Ummm, thanks, but... ima sit right here on the floor. Next to it."

4. "The whole cat bed concept went over his head — literally."

5. "What you call a bed, I call a pillow"

Some cats just want to watch the world 🔥🔥🔥

6. "How am I supposed to return this cat bed if what he really wants is the box it came in? 🤔"

7. "Bought them a new, plush cat bed. This is what happened 😑😑 #catbedfail"

8. "Sometimes I really like to hammer home how much money my parents waste on me! 🙄"

9. "Heat > comfort. I get it."

10. Narrator: "Oh but it was [villainous cackle]"

She never stepped paw in it again

1.1 "Boo is ::so:: close to figuring out the purpose of a cat bed 🤔"

12. "me: buys cat comfy bed. cat: lays ~next~ to comfy bed 🤷🤷🤷"

13. "This is Lazuli (her sister is named Lapis) and she is so obsessed with sinks that we had to buy one for her to use as a cat bed. When it’s hot she rarely leaves it 😹"


14. "Why sleep well on your cat bed when you can sleep well on your brother 🤣🤣🤣"

15. "Because cat logic gonna cat logic!"

16. [Buys MULTIPLE $60 cat beds] My cat: “I’m going to drag a t-shirt onto the dresser and sleep here”.

17. "So I splashed out and bought Dave the cat a lovely quilted and padded cat bed. Came down this morning to find him wedged tightly into a cat food box 📦 right in front of it, what is that all about 🤔😄"

18. "So I couldn't resist buying this cat bed last night... Raven's face says it all 😂"

"Is this a joke to you, Karen?"

19. "Well, almost. Goose is weird."

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