17 Cat And Dogs Just Being The Best

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And they are adorable and hilarious! Just like your cats and dogs!

1. When your dad is like, OMG so embarrassing.

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2. This is what every cat owner's kitchen looks like.

3. Let those babies in!

"There is an original "baby gate" in our house and it keeps out many different types of babies πŸΌπŸ•πŸ•πŸ•"


4. If they could hold still a minute we could count them and tell you.

5. We all need a Nap Watchman.

6. "We can go for ice cream after, right?"

7. For when you need to paws your reading ...

8. My mom: I don’t want any dogs.

Also my mom:

9. "Let's get another dog they said. It'll be fun they said."

10. "First we're going to the fish store and then the mouse store and after that we're going to the catnip store."

"And we are never, ever going to the vet ever again, right Dad?"


11. "Find someone who looks at you like Roger looks at a barbecue."

12. "Lando likes to bring us gifts. It's usually this pouch, socks, or rolled up mittens ❀️"

13. At this library, the librarian will bite you if you bring the books back late.

14. "If you hand my dog a leaf, she gently adds it to her Leaf Pile."

When your dog is too polite to tell you she has enough leaves, thanks.


15. Inter-species boop is the cutest boop.

16. You don't wanna see his litter box.

17. "Don't forget me!"


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