13 Cats Who Just Saw Something Spooky

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It's widely known that cats can see ghosts, and while we may not be able to capture evidence of the ghosts, we can definitely capture (hilarious) evidence of the cats seeing the ghosts.

1. "Did you hear that?"

2. "Uh. What just happened?"

3. Even in the daylight, spirits surround us.

4. "There! Right there! Tell me you saw it too!"

5. Someone sneezed.

6. "They're everywhere!"

7. Target acquired.

8. "MOM! Something touched my paw!"

9. "Shhhh. They're speaking to me."

10. Eyes that pierce the veil between this world and the next...

11. That tunnel can only mean one thing: spookiness!

12. When the spook gets spooked!

13. Too scary! Time to tap out.


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