20 Cats With Better Jobs Than You

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Another week brings another ridiculous Facebook page to obsess over.

Meet T H I S C A T I S E M P L O Y E D, a forum for cats with jobs and purrfesional careers (sorry, not sorry) — both real and, well, imagined.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

Currently home to a little more than 12,000 members, the public group features dozens of hilarious posts daily.

And while the pictures are plenty adorbs, it's the shared vocabulary (like deliberately misspelled pronouns and contractions) and stylized formatting (CAPS-heavy with s p a c e s inserted between characters) that helps push the captions into the LOL-worthy share zone.


But enough of the chitter chatter: let's get to the good stuff!

1. "this hamb is a S E C Ü R Ì T Y G Ò R D"

"I don't want to overstate this, but this may be the best picture in the history of the universe"

2. "G R I L L M A S T E R"

"Do you want it licked or not licked? (JK! It's already licked 😂)"

3. "Meet Junior Ranger Jeff!"

"Finally, a reason for me to take up hiking"

4. "Fortune teller"

5. "Came in to wash kegs this morning. Apparently, someone forgot to close the display case. Good thing Russell was keeping watch."

"He's security AND for sale in the window! Himb's a M E R C E N A R Y :O"

6. "TSA Kitties 😍"

"Can’t smuggle nip past these cats."


"Alexa, order me one of these"

8. "please support my cat he’s an author, model and survivor"

"Mews reports say this is a hoax. Himb was fed a mere 5 mimutes ago"

9. "this cat is a B A C K R E S T"

10. Sergeant Hamb (tank commander): "Onward comrades. We will liberate our homeland from the capitalist dogs and it rename it Meowscow!"

"Peace was never an option"

11. "Himbs a counterfeit note checker and confiscator"

12. "He was spotted roaming around the reception area of the Order of Attorneys of Brazil after seeking shelter from a storm. Now, Leon the cat is a hired employee whose job it is to greet guests."

13. "Truffles works at an ophthalmologist office & wears glasses to help little children feel comfortable wearing theirs!"

14. "Himbs supervise the dishwashing"

“Did you pre-wash? Sanitize? Who taught you to load a dishwasher? Why haven’t my thumbs been delivered? Daaaaaw!”

15. "Cat is I N V E S T I G A T O R, taking notes about who stole your fur."

"hoomin just checking on u. watch ur step. slippery when wet"

16. "This cat is a H A C K E R & C R I M I N A L M A S T E R M I N D"

"Not very good at it, but himbs trying and that's what matters"

17. "When you start reading your Christmas Tree Destruction training manual"

"Because higher ranked soldiers don't need to wear any uniform 🤣 🤣 🤣"

18. "Jean-Ralphio, big designer boy."

"He's designing his haute cature collection 💖"

19. "Looks like there are excellent catto careers in the renewable energy field!"

"Cue the guy-tapping-head reaction GIF!"

20. "When you lie on your resumé but get the job anyways"


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