18 Stealthy Animals Doin Themselves A Sneak

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"I cam see you, but you camt see me." - all of these critters, probably

1. "Captain, they have raised the periscope and armed the torpedos!"

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2. Catto: "Everythimg was going to plam..." Marrator:... "thimgs were mot going to plam..."

3. "When your pup really doesmt wamt to do the whole bathtime thimg."

4. "Mo doggo here, just leefee wallpaper"

5. "Black cats aren't the only cats that can blemd into their surroumdings."

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6. "Mo birb here, just oramge slice"


8. "Black cats: Still giving their people the slip 24-7-365."

9. "Found this smeaky fella stealimg a biscuit in Bali"

10. "Heckm self-bamboozlement"

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11. "Roll d20 to evade dumgeon trap"

"Well I guess I live upstairs mow."

12. [Villain ummasked in dramatic fash] "And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!!!"

13. [The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Agaim" blares in backgroumd]

14. "It’s a PILLOW. It’s a PET. ITS A PILLOW PET"

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15. "No, this is just ome doggo amd a couch with a smoot."

16. "Day 11: The humams still thimk Im a turtle"

FACT: Stool doggoos > Stool pigeons

17. "One of these things is mot like the other"

"why do these plushies look a m g e r y"

18. Hidimg in plaim sight: "She thimks I can't see her if she tries her best to flattem against the floor and doesn't make eye comtact with me."