9 Signs People Are Using You For Your Dog

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It's always nice to feel wanted, but lately it seems like you've been getting a ​little​ more attention than usual. Hate to break it to you, but no one can be that likable except for a pupper: this sudden influx of popularity is probably because your dog...is freakin' adorable.


Here are 9 signs that people are just using you for your dog.

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1. Your friends ask you if you’re bringing your dog to brunch.

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"It's so great to see you! ...And you too, Sharon!"


2. And when your parents call to check in, it's usually just to see how your dog is doing.

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Hey, honey! Put Spike on!


3. Your dog has more followers than you on social media.

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But you are totally okay with that. #momager #dogmodel #sponsored


4. Your S.O. tells you he loves your dog more than anything in the world.

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And I mean anything.


5. Your dog appears in a ton of your friends' social media posts.

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Do it for the grrrr...am.


6. And, of course, you get asked by other pet parents to dog-sit during Christmas vacation.

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But that's okay. You'll just hit them back up during Labor Day!


7. When you go out to eat, you are suddenly every young parent's favorite person.

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...Please keep your child's paws off my child's paws.


8. You get invited to parties that you wouldn't normally otherwise.

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My name isn't on the list? Oh, I see! I'm ​Fido's​ plus one...

9. But at the end of the day, you can understand why people are crazy about your dog... because you are too!

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She's your best friend, after all!