21 Cats Doin Themselves An Elude From The Vet

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No one likes going to the doctor. And these sneaky and creative pets are no exception.

1. "My cat did not want to be at the vet today. So he kept sticking his head in this trash hole. I died."

2. "My cat recommends hiding in the sink"

3. "Cleo says 'hard same'"

4. "This is a technique passed down from generation to generation"

5. "The secret is to flatten them ears for a more tucked in, aero profile"

6. "Mine wedged herself in the 2-inch space between the mini fridge and the counter it was under."

7. "Relatable as heck"

8. “If they can’t see me they can’t stick me.”

9. "The first time in recorded history a cat hasn't laid down on an open laptop."

10. "Took apart my cat's crate at the vet because he wouldn't come out. Didn't work!"

11. "My cat prefers hiding in the corner"

12. "Rally Bear thinking he’s invisible in the slot where they keep all the forms. He knocked all the forms to the ground then attempted to hide in it."

13. "This is Petal. She is invisible."

14. "Last time the vet tech was forced to get a step ladder soooo ..."

15. "Went for the bin as soon as the vets back was turned!"

16. "Suspect was last seen burrowing deep into my husband's arm 😢"

17. "Tried to use the phone cord as camouflage Spoiler: It was not successful."

18. "I am one with the corner and the corner is one with me"

19. "My cat's vet office strategy: blend in with the knick-knacks"

20. "Moon Cat retreats into my hood"

21. "I see the dogs and cats in the corners of the vet, and I raise our cat, Yam. He escapes through the trash hole."


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