18 Magnificent Dogs To Brighten Your Day

There is no mood so bad nor so good that it cannot be improved by cute dogs.

1. Incoming!

2. That looks comfortable.


4. A rare glimpse at the elusive land dolphin.

5. The blep to end all bleps

6. Dogs are more patient than we deserve.

7. He found the world's biggest stick.

8. Cutting edge dog bed technology!

9. Squad goals.

10. When you make a cat tree out of dogwood...

11. Synchronized nose lick

12. "My turn!"

13. Gonna be a heck of a head rush when she wakes up.

14. "OK, that's enough physical activity for today."

15. Style icon.

16. Release the hounds!

17. They know they're not getting that piece back, right?

18. ...Success!