Cats Vs Wrapping Paper Is The Gift That Never Stops Giving

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Tired: Cats don't care about the present you bought for them, they just want the box it was shipped in.

Wired: Cats don't care about the present you bought for them, they just want the wrapping paper the box was packaged in.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1. "When Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept for there were no more worlds to conquer."

2. "Narrator: 'Here is a Christmas kitty, in its natural habitat doing its stalking ritual'"

3. "Dobby is a wrapping paper fiend"

4. Pro move: "When wrapping presents, be sure to put out a 'dummy' piece of wrapping paper to distract the cats"

5. "The perfect spot from which to spring an attack on any unsuspecting feet" 😈

6. "Predication: The dance fad of 2020 will be called 'The Wrapping Paper'"

7. "I got my cat a bed for Christmas and he sat in the wrapping paper instead ✨"

8. "Wrapping paper was the only thing on this cat's Christmas list 💓🥰"

9. "Is it really Christmas morning if the Bengal cats aren’t enjoying the wrapping paper more than any child in the world is enjoying a gift under the tree?"

(The only and correct answer is an emphatic 'NO'.)



10. "Someone waited all week to play in wrapping paper and is currently in heaven."

11. "Christmas is a time to appreciate what's [really] important ... [like] wrapping paper."

12. "LIFE GOAL: Get someone to look at you the way a cat looks at a pile of loose wrapping paper."

13. Counterpoint: "Somehow I think this is YOUR favorite tradition ;) Thanks for the chuckle!"

14. "When it's all happening & you are overstimulated AF"

15. "When Kris Kringle meets Kris Crinkle"

16. "[It's the] 28th & the cat still isn't letting go of the wrapping paper."

17. "Four hours later: He’s still asleep in there"