19 Dogs That Totally Nailed The Dolly Parton Challenge

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If you haven't heard of the Dolly Parton challenge, it's a meme started by the legendary country singer that has gone viral with celebrities, regular people, and obviously dogs participating!


The original for reference:

Video of the Day

1. That Tinder pic couldn't be more perfect.

2. Frankie is wondering if he's doing this right.

3. That Instagram pic is spot on.

4. Very clever Tinder pic!

5. Looking so professional for LinkedIn!

6. Such a well-rounded pup!

7. Get you a dog who can do it all.

8. Absolutely nailed it.

10. Elvis contains multitudes.

11. So majestic...except for the Tinder pic.

12. A pup with range!

13. LOLing so hard at Instagram!

14. So good at this!

15. Puts our own attempt to shame!

16. All poses down pat!

17. Ada really knows what she's doing!

18. Yes to all of these!

19. Professional on LinkedIn, friend-oriented on Facebook, beautiful on Instagram, and ready to party on Tinder!