21 Hardworking Shop Cats

These busy retail employees are here to provide you with amusement and top notch customer service.

1. "Take a number."

2. "Welcome."

3. Breaking news? Yawn.

4. "Can I help you?"

5. Ahh, warm spot.

6. Strong mystical energy.

7. The security here is very menacing.

8. "I am the Mighty Bodega Cat, Keeper of Bananas."

9. A true professional.

10. Doing great work.

11. "I'm the headliner around here."

12. Her name is Cheese Onion.

13. "Stop."

14. "Do you have a coupon?"

15. "Choose wisely."

16. "Recommendations? 'Of Mice and Men' is good."

17. Too cute to be non-fiction.

18. Promote this trainee immediately.

19. Another day, another dollar.

20. "There's a cuddle surcharge."

21. Prettier than any of the flowers.