People Are Giving Their Cats Cartoon Makeovers & We Can't Stop Laughing

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Some optical illusions are elaborate; others a measure more homespun.

That's the takeaway from a new (to us) internet trend meme thingy in which pet owners are photographing their furry friends with illustrated facial features, including mouths and eyes.


Video of the Day

Exactly like such:

Hilarious and, regardless of skill level, surprisingly effective, right?


Like so many viral sensations, this one originated in Japan before spreading around the internet dot com. Though some reveal a strong anime influence others "draw" more on classic cartoon styling à la Bugs Bunny and Roger Rabbit.

Either way, we're 110% here for their exaggerated expressions and embedded below are a sampling of the cartoon cat makeovers we love the most.

Naturally enough, the concept eventually spilled over to pups, because sharing is caring and why should kittehs have all the fun?

So what do you think? Is this something you'd do with your pet? Share your thoughts in the comments below or bounce on over to our Facebook page.


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