18 Cat Pictures Guaranteed To Give You The Chuckle Bombs

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You need a laugh and these kittehs are here to give it to you.

1. Mews x moos

2. Less than one second after you open a can of tuna

3. [tags Accidental Renaissance Paintings in the comments]

"This one [in the back] is having flashbacks of the Great Egg War of 2018."

4. If cats had Tinder🔥

5. First, last and forget about it.

6. When you walk in the door after a long day and the fam is hungry.

7. "I work at a brewery and this awesome hipster showed up this morning. Her name is Slippers 😎😎😎"

8. Caption this in the comments below.

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9. Because we're all in this together.

10. "Oh...hey...you're home early. I didn't hear you come in."

11. Because stop hogging the massage gun, it's my turn meow

giphy embed

12. When you've been working from home for less than a week now and you don't have any Zoom chats scheduled for the day

13. My senior cat tried to lick the Fancy Feast can clean. 🤦🤦🤦

"Regrets? Never heard of him."

14. Today's forecast calls for changing conditions with a chance of adorbs overload.

15. "This is Pika. Just when i hit the snapshot button, a pile of cooking pots fell in the kitchen. She got a scare." 😱😱😱

16. ~SMOOTH~

17. "Came home to find my cat and fiancé like:"

18. Me when Netflix crashes vs me when Netflix comes back online


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