17 Dog Photos Guaranteed to Tickle Your Funny Bone

Dogs are great for all sorts of things, including comfort, companionship, protection, and LOLs. We're mostly here for the LOLs.

1. Don't call him a good boy.

2. "My turn!"

3. How to make road trips interesting.

4. "If I lays, I stays."

5. Wiggle butt!

6. These dogs hold hands while they sleep.

7. Ready to #mingle.

8. The world is so unfair.

9. Visiting the neighbors.

10. "I'm too cute to go for a walk!"

11. There better not be a test on this later.

12. Football: this is how you play it.

13. Working from home is the best!

14. Still waking up.

15. Tall and proud.

16. Aquatic zoomies.

17. When the scratches are just right...