17 Dogs Discovering Mirrors For The First Time

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Confusion, bamboozlement, shock, humor, hostility — these are but some of the reactions pups feel when they stumble across their reflection in a mirror for the first time.

1. "When you finally figure out you and the good boy are one and the same"

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2. "Does this coat make me look chonky?"

3. "Who in the FLIPPIN heck is this?! Mom and dad have this weird other dog who only comes out in one spot of the house... AND he just copies everything I do!! What a weirdo, he’s pretty cute though!"

4. "When you look in the mirror and feel proud of the bad decisions you made over the weekend"

5. "Found another doggo in the house. Not sure how to feel about it. Will investigate."

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6. "He's the undisputed champ of staring contests, but he might find his next opponent to be his equal."

7. "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me."

8. "Today is a good day for some reflection. And it's really easy. Just grab a mirror and look directly at it #doghumor"

9. "He's been barking at his own reflection for 20 minutes now..."

10. "Wilma has no idea what to do about this other dog, but she is positive she wants its ball 😂😂😂"

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12. "If I was Murray, I'd probably admire my own reflection too. #FACTS"

13. "There has been a lot of sniffing and licking to try to figure out who the h*ck that other doggo is."

14. "I admit you're handsome, Stranger, but there's just something about you I don't trust . . ."

15. "Mirror mirror on the wall, Who’s the fluffiest marshmallow of them all?"

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16. "When the dog spottee becomes the dog spotter #mindblown"

17. "Roo and her new friend have agreed to form a union to collectively negotiate with management for additional treats and head pets"