Cats Reacting To Printers Is Never Not Funny

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From bemused curiosity to outright hostility and everything in between, cats react much in the same way to office tech that humans do.

1. "VoidCraft 3LL13 expressing a HECKIN CONCERN at the racket the printer is making. Also slightly vexed at being denied clearance to apply concussive maintenance to the equipment in question."

2. "If it spits (paper), I sits" — this ginger cat, probably

3. "Pros: warm, comes in a box. Cons: unexpected whirling noises, bruised egos, 100% baffling."

4. "This is mine meow #yoinks"

5. "What ...

... manner ...

... of dark arts sorcery ...

... is this? #howdoesitfunctiontho"

6. "When your printer runs out of ink 3/4 of the way through a print job. 🖨🐈🤣"

7. "Anyone else’s cat OBSESSED with the printer!? Mine hears it from the garden, I swear, and comes running just to sit and watch in amazement. Maybe I should print some cat memes and see how that goes down."

8. "Sworn enemies or best of friends? The line between love and hate is constantly shifting in this relationship."

9. On the other hand: "She's got a cat bed, two boxes, five chairs and many more comfortable places but NO, let's sit on (in?) the printer"

10. "Felt cute, but I dunno, might swipe at it later"

11. "Today in unlikely cat toys: the printer in my home office. #newobsession"

12. "Successfully reduced the number of unprovoked attacks on the home printer by providing a suitable distraction. For now, anyways."

13. "Day 74: This rambunctious machine continues to alarm in inconsistent patterns. I must find the source of power and ... destroy it forever with the bitey swipey protocol."

14. "Meercat mode: Activated"

15. "Mahm, why is this bed making noises? It's disturbing my slumber."

16. "My parent's cat doing a heckin S C R E M because the printer is P R I N T I N G."

17. "It's...

...uneasy truce."


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