17 Dogs Carrying Things That Are Way Too Big

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Inside every puppy is a Branch Manager waiting to get out.

1. "A Very Good Boy™ carrying a very good stick down Newbury Street 😭❤️"

2. "Small doggo with big pinecone #impressive"

3. "Why stick when you can tree?"

4. "She dragged somebody’s water pipe out of the lake ¯_(ツ)_/¯"

5. "Absolute unit on his way to steal your log"

6. "He gave me gruff when I asked if this was big enough. 🙄"

7. "Make way, coming through"

8. "Chevy and ...* checks notes * an antler. What the heck?"

9. "Because teamwork makes the dream work (okay maybe not impressive size-wise but too cute not to share)"

10. "Her motto is 'No job too big' #challengeaccepted"

11. "Never be afraid to take pride in your work"

12. "She gets her ambition from her dad 😛"

13. "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the stick in the dog's mouth." -- Mark Twain, probably

14. "Our neighbors gave Stella a bone as a present and she has been carrying it from room to room for two straight days. 😂"

15. "Spotted a very muddy & determined little golden named Pearl who was carrying a not-so-little “stick” up to the summit of Mount Galiano. Didn’t have time for pets, she was on a mission 🐶😂"

16. "I didn't know which ball you threw so I grabbed all of the balls"

17. "Them: 'This log must weigh at least 125 pounds.' Me: 'Okay, now you're just showing off.'"


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