20 Cats Who Look Like Loaves of Bread

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These delightful cat loaves have their paws and tails neatly tucked underneath them, and they're loafing around like the good little loaves that they are.

1. Mmm, baguette.

2. Just a little bun.

3. Allow your loaf to double in size before baking.

4. It's a loaf-off.

5. Refrigerate your loaf to preserve freshness.

6. A wild loaf appears!

7. Designated loafing area.

8. Only pack the essentials.

9. Rustic round loaf.

10. Double batch.

11. Helpful office assistant loaf.

12. Sun-warmed loaf.

13. Absolute loaf unit.

14. Spot the difference.

15. Unbaked dough loaf.

16. Meatloaf. (No, really, this cat's name is Meatloaf.)

17. Mini loaf.

18. Stripey loaf.

19. Underproofed loaf.

20. Lightly toasted loaf.


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