20 Black Cats Who Think Every Day is Halloween

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Spooky season is upon us, but when you're a black cat, every day is Halloween.

It's their time to shine!

Video of the Day

1. "It may be a bit early for Halloween but Pickles needed to show off his new costume!!! Anyone else have a voidbat???"

2. "Just a black cat rocking her best fit, an orange jack o lantern jumper. NBD"

3. "What is thy bidding, my master?"

4. "Put that camera down and help me move this thing. We have children to terrorize!"

5. "He’s working on his Halloween black cat back arch....looking pretty good I’d say! πŸ‘»πŸŽƒ" (Press play to watch.)

You're doing great, sweetie!


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6. "In this house, we celebrate Halloween 24-7-365."

7. "I leave the skeleton here as a warning for visitors to stay away. Their fate will be the same as the trick or treaters who came before them."

8. Cutest. Black Cat. Illustration. Ever.

9. "It's mid summer now and we still can't put this plastic pumpkin away because she sits in it every day at least once."

10. "Maleficent approves of the new decor and insists it stay out year-round."

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11. "Mother, I crave violence!"

12. "Exactly 2 seconds later, he pushed the pumpkin off the counter #jerkvoid"

13. "Yes I know it's only September. Yes I don't care"

14. "You know the drill: If I fits, I sits."

15. "I tried telling her she doesn't have to stand there overnight but she seems to like it so ... #nocandlenecessary"

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16. "Salem, using black cat magick to make Autumn arrive faster. πŸŽƒβœ¨"

17. "You can have my pumpkin when you pry it from my cold dead murder mittens"

18. "Because who amongst us hasn't used a pumpkin as a pillow? Be honest."

19. "Kitten is already Halloweening at a 12th grade level #proudMom"

20. "My army is ready, we attack at nightfall."