16 Dogs Riding Skateboards Better Than Humans

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Is there anything dogs can't do? They can even ride skateboards better than humans! Check them out!

1. I love the skate bark!

2. Watch out, world!

3. This is how we roll!

4. They see me rollin', they hatin'.

5. Tony Hawk who?

6. Got my skate gear on!

7. Hold on, I'm getting the hang of this.

8. I think I need a smaller board.

9. He was a skater boy! She said "see you later, boy!"

10. I can do every trick in the book!

11. This doesn't look like the skate bark to me.

12. I can even skateboard on grass!

13. Too cool for school.

14. That ramp? Nothing I can't handle.

15. Hey, dudes! Let's ride!

16. Ready to hit the road!

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