The Best Of The "Do You Accept These Peets" Meme

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On the cute side of the internet, paws aren't paws, paws are peets. Cats are sharing them and accept them you must.

1. "She warm the peets"

2. "Flight W35tl3y annoyed because I touched himb peet."



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3. "Who's ready for a game of splapsies?"

4. "Bet u stopped scrolling at the sight of these peets"

5. "Clenched peets are power peets"

6. "Noodle, giving you a double razzle dazzle jazz peets"

7. "Marvel offers both peets. Do you accept his generous offer?!?!"

8. "Kelso is contemplating the existence of his peets."

9. "My baby offering all 4 peets on his 1st ever birthday!"

10. "Always remember to treat the peets on spa day"

11. "Dis Graycat. Himbs a lubber not fighter, but himbs not afraid to put up dem peets when himbs need to. Who did himbs K.O.?"

12. "Can you even with Baby Autumn praying peets right now"

13. "Peets gripped tight, she's ready to flow over Niagara Milk Falls in her barrel"

14. "Peets. Where there shouldn’t be peets. #smoothcriminal"

15. "This week on the Claw & Order: The suspect was caught red-peeted"

16. "I hereby call this board meeting to order. Our first order of business is upping the daily tuna ration"

17. "Todd offers two comfy curled peets, accempt?"

18. "High-five if you can't get enough of dem peets"

19. "Newbie to peets and first share! Artecat offers two big white peets with thumbs. He comes complete with an iron grip and a stare that can reach your soul. Do you accempt? 💕"

20. "Ozeda offers two lobster peets and a gromp stare, accmept?"

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