People Are Sharing Pictures Of Their Pets' "Lookalikes" And It's Too Funny

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Good luck unseeing all of these doggo doppelgängers.

1. "Just give him the trophy already #lookalikechallenge"

2. "I posted this last year and people still talk about it 😂 Krystoff looks like Richard Gere! #LookAlikeChallenge"

3. "Kiko doing the #LookAlikeChallenge"

4. "I dare you to tell me you don't see the resemblance #lookalikechallenge 🚛"

5. "Older pic but our chihuahua definitely did not approve of our new shiba inu a year ago 🤣🤣"

6. "Which one is The Rock? Asking for a friend 😉 #LookAlikeChallenge"

7. Writer me: "The perfect segue doesn't exis----- #LookAlikeChallenge"

8. "Rocky is a dog in potato form #lookalikechallenge"

9. "Exsqueezeme... #lookalikechallenge"

10. "Chewbacca and My Budbud #lookalikechallenge"

11. "You posted 2 of the same picture and thought we wouldn't notice? Smh #lookalikechallenge"

12. "Mistaken for, yes. Look alike, absolutely. Star of the hit comedy show Schitt’s Creek, quite possibly, you decide. #lookalikechallenge"

13. "Irrefutable evidence that Snoopy really is a Beagle. #lookalikechallenge"

"Your honor, the prosecution rests its case."

14. "Snuffleupagus and my boy, Moose 😂 #LookAlikeChallenge"

15. "Darwin & Mini Moo 🐮🏆 #LookAlikeChallenge"

16. "Argus can't bend his rear right leg due to an old pre-rescue break as a stray, so his sits always have a sexy Angelina Jolie vibe #lookalikechallenge"

17. "This is a look alike challenge for dogs, i think you misunderstood....all i see here is 2 seals 😂"

18. "Here is Tofu doing the #LookAlikeChallenge"

19. "You all saw it here first #lookalikechallenge"

20. "Mylie and I rock the bed head look 💁🏾‍♀️ #LookAlikeChallenge"

21. "Which one is the brownie and which one is the dog? #LookAlikeChallenge"


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