19 Shining Examples of Shoulder Pets (The Internet's New Aww-dorable Photo Trend)

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Perching on shoulders isn't just reserved for pirates with parrots anymore. Reddit users from a community called r/aww are posting pictures of themselves with their pets on their shoulders, and each example is cuter than the one before.

1. It started with Reddit user Gearing4vr, who posted "My dreams of having a shoulder cat have come true."

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2. Other users like BarontheBlack quickly joined in with their own shoulder cats.

3. "Behold the glorious whiskers of shoulder cat," posted user spiewak1990.

4. Cats weren't the only animals sitting pretty. "I see your 'shoulder cat' and I present, 'shoulder dog," posted user anonymouslovelyme.

5. A user called DeJean46 added, "I see your 'shoulder dog', and I raise you 'shoulder chicken'."

6. Not to be outdone, user SilverDragon646 posted "I don’t have a cat, so I present my shoulder bun!"

7. User Asqrrl wants to know "Do Shoulder Squirrels Count?"

8. Okay, how about user Olianne's "pygmy tree cat"?

9. "I see your shoulder cats, is it too late for a shoulder baby Opossum?" asks user allyboo1620.

10. "Does shoulder duck make the cut?" user LakeOtario1 asks.

11. User johnrinehart raised the stakes with double shoulder cats!

12. "I see your baby possums, duck & cats on shoulders and raise you an albino ferret," posted user InfallibleBadger.

13. The cute pictures continued to flood in.

14. This "shoulder monster" is just ten months old!

15. Some users weren't as lucky when it came to snapping a cute photo.

17. One user wanted to participate, but decided not to risk it.

18. Others decided they were up for the challenge!

19. We look forward to all the shoulder cats - and other critters - still to come.