Is Bubble Bath Safe For Dogs?

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After a long day, you love soaking in a nice, warm bubble bath that smells great. Now, you're wondering whether or not your dog might also like some bubbles added to bath time and if it's even safe to do that.

Before you dump some bubble bath solution into the tub and start to lather your pup up, you want to make sure it's actually safe for dogs. Then, you can either stick to his regular routine, or do something new and fun going forward.


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Can you give your dog a bubble bath?

The short answer is yes, you can give your dog a bubble bath, as long as you use products that are safe for dogs and designed specifically for them.


When you use things like human shampoo or bubble bath soap on your dog, it can cause them harm because human skin and dog skin have different pH levels. Human skin pH levels are 5.5-5.6, which is more acidic, and dogs have a more neutral pH balance of 6.2-7.4. I​f you use human products on dogs during bath time, it could lead to skin irritation like dry skin as well as have a negative effect on your dog's skin and your dog's coat.​ Essentially, it changes your dog's acid mantle and could lead to your dog getting infected with parasites, bacteria, and viruses.


You should also only give your dog a bubble bath if he enjoys it​. If the dog bubble bath solution seems to irritate his skin or he doesn't like the bubbles, then just give him a regular bath instead.

Tips for bathing your dog

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There is no exact science on when to give a dog a bath. Typically, once every few weeks or when he starts to get smelly is fine. If you brush your dog ahead of time, it'll remove some of the dander, dirt, and excess hair, and make bath time shorter. You should ensure that you brush out any matting, which can be painful for your dog. Be as gentle as possible. If it's so matted that you can't brush it out, you'll need to take your dog to a professional groomer and they might have to clip it.



It's best to ensure the water is lukewarm, and the pressure is low if you're using a shower head. Also, there should be a non-slip mat in the shower so your dog doesn't get hurt.

When he's in the bath or shower, lather him up with dog shampoo. Let the shampoo sit on his coat for a few minutes so that it gets fully absorbed. If he has fleas, you can use flea shampoo, or if he has sensitive skin, then oatmeal shampoo could be the best solution for him. You should avoid pouring water in his ears because that could be painful.


You should always towel dry your dog after the bath, especially if he has a long coat. This is because if there are any damp spots in the undercoat, then your dog might get hot spots, which could be painful. Additionally, if your dog runs around after a bath – which they tend to do – he might roll around and get dirty all over again. Make sure you never leave your dog unattended in the bath or shower because he could get hurt.


If your dog has a heavy coat, take him to a professional groomer around once a month. Let them know if your dog has any skin issues or bad reactions to certain brands of shampoo or doggy bubble bath.


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It's OK to use bubble bath that's formulated for dogs. You should never use human bubble bath or any other human products on your pup.​ As long as your dog is comfortable with the bubble bath, then it'll be a fun experience for you both.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.



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