16 Excellent Dog Loaves

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If you've spent time with a cat, you may have found them in a pose called a "cat loaf." But have you caught a glimpse of the slightly rarer and equally charming dog loaf?

1. Leave your loaf in a warm place to rise.

2. Perhaps a tad bit under-baked.

3. Chunky loaves are the best loaves.

4. A loaf that is definitely not begging, no sir, not this good loaf.

5. An authentic baguette.

6. A polite loaf.

7. "Whether or not I have front paws is my business, and my business alone."

8. Sprinkle your working surface with all-purpose dog hair before rolling out your loaf.

9. Fresh out of the oven!

10. A flawless disguise for a grocery store heist.

11. Observant loaf.

12. Ham croissant.

13. Only the finest of pumpernickel loaves.

14. Hot, not-so-cross bun!

15. Soft, fluffy, brown loaf.

16. A loaf for when you just want a little nibble.

17. Loafing: it's what's for dinner! Also kibble.


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