16 Really Heckin' Funny Pictures of Dogs and Cats

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No bad vibes in here! Just cute animals and warm tummy feelings as far as the eye can see.

1. When the human says "no barking," but the mailman is right outside.

2. This looks totally comfortable and normal.

3. "Hah! No."

4. Who's That Pokémon?

5. Like ships passing in the night...

6. Security at the Humane Society's bag check is pretty intense.

7. What a smile!

8. Extra precious loaf in the bread aisle.

9. When you're still digesting dinner and Grandma says "Who wants dessert?"

10. The prizes in Happy Meals have gotten way cooler.

11. How to Attract Customers to Your Barbershop 101.

12. "Well, how else am I supposed to show off my bikini, Karen? You won't let me outside!"

13. Double your snoot, double your boop.

14. Look at this absolute angel!

15. "Heard you needed snuggles. Came as fast as we could."

16. Stir gently.


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