22 Dogs Who Are All About That Box Life

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Turns out cats aren't the only pets crazy about cardboard cubicles.

1. "You try telling that face the box is going into the recycle bin."

2. "Consider this payback for the time you stole my bed."

3. "When the humans unbox our food, let's occupy the container in which it arrived."

4. "Box, basket ... basket, box. What is even the difference?"

5. "My new necklace. Do you like it?"

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6. "[David Attenborough voice:] "We see here a wild boxer exploring its native habitat."

7. "Into the unknown we will sail. Let these vessels carry us swifty to new worlds where we will plunder vast reserves of kibble that spread across the horizon as far as the eye can see. Onwards!"

8. "Home is where the box is"

9. Wherever the box goes, Chewy follows. They are inseparable.

10. "Henry on the car ride home when I first got him"

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11. "What do you mean I'm 'not a cat'? And would it kill you to get me a pillow?"

12. "But I'm not on the table. I'm on the box."

13. "Chillin like a (furry, cute as heck) villain"

14. "This photo required cheese. Lots and lots of cheese."

15. "Does a suitcase count?" (Spoiler: Yes, yes it does.)

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16. "My stuff is packed. You aren't moving without me!"

17. "Gentle nibbles on the corner reveal hints of flute and newspaper. This is a fine vintage. 12/10 dogs would eat this cardboard again."

18. "Watches bobsledding one time and now he's training for the Olympics by leaning into every corner"

19. "Did someone say 'walkies'?

20. "Like two peas in a pod"

21. "When you slide back into bed after looking out the window and seeing snow everywhere"

22. "Special delivery. Please sign on the X for cuteness overload."

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