21 Cats Who've Fallen Into Cunning Cat Traps

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These exceedingly clever humans have found ingenious ways to trap their cats by using the cats' natural instincts against them. Sometimes it's on purpose!

1. "Cleaned the aquarium and 5 minutes later..."

2. Genius!

3. OK, who's really in charge here?

4. "I put this down to sweep the floor and accidentally made a cat trap"

5. "My SO laid out her crochet project on the floor to measure it. Not even 30 seconds later..."

6. "He dragged the box all the way over to me to show me it worked!!"

7. "He realized the box he entered is no longer stationary"

8. "Threw my belt on the floor. Trap working as intended."

9. "A trap for each cat"

10. Looks cozy!

11. "My niece is fostering kittens, and her daughter left a toy on the floor"

12. "Every damn time we order pizza..."

13. "My girlfriend made me correct it"

14. "He knows his worth"

15. "My cat went missing for a half an hour while i was rushing to go to work. I didn’t knew were she was until I decided to get my work backpack ready.. obviously someone got bored and decided to come to work with me.."

16. "The tentacle trap is working"

17. "The cat trap worked better than expected"

18. "Filed under T for Trouble"

19. "Refused to use his new bed until now - check mate buddy"

20. "Kiwi falls for the smallest of traps. Just two pieces of mail on the stair waiting to be taken up."

21. "Captured the Entire Gang"


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